Teaching Projects

What I’ve been doing in innovative teaching.


2018 Teaching Excellence Award


Students engaged in debate competition on international business issues: 1) the role of new technology in MNEs' competitiveness and 2) the pros and cons of globalisation and its impacts on businesses.

2017 Flipped Classroom Project

NSYSU, Taiwan (TWD350,000)

Students were required to watch lecture videos before participating in class discussion on international business issues and case studies. My teaching team and I designed and produced all lecture videos, course materials, and the learning platforms.

2015 Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) Project

Ministry of Education, Taiwan (TWD600,000)

  • This project resulted in 412 online registrations (70% from Taiwan; 30% from overseas) and 4.4% course completion rate. 

  • My teaching team and I designed and produced a total of  50 lecture videos, 10 case studies, and 10+ lecture slides and course materials.

  • A short film "Mia travel around the world" was broadcasted to introduce cultural differences across nations.

2014 MOOCs Project

Ministry of Education, Taiwan (TWD300,000)

  • This project resulted in 340 online registrations (71% from Taiwan; 29% from overseas) and 6.2% course completion rate. 

  • My teaching team and I designed and produced a total of 50 lecture videos, 10 case studies, and 10+ lecture slides and course materials.

There are more experiments in teaching.


Role Plays in International Business Negotiations

A US retail chain to China

  • Before the day of role-play, students need to study their chosen roles and formulate strategies for face-to-face negotiations, that what their groups want to achieve on each proposed issue.

  • On the day of the role-play, the paired groups will meet and negotiate in real situation for up to 45 minutes, in which they need to arrive at an agreement or to finish the negotiation accepting that there is no deal between the two groups. 

Global Virtual Team Projects - World Travel Fair & World Food Week Package

International teaching collaborations (with Dr Abrahim Soleimani, East Washington University, USA)

The main goal is to broaden students’ insight and understanding about working effectively in a cross-cultural team. This project provides students with an opportunity to learn how to overcome the potential challenges stemming from time, spatial and cultural differences between the two universities. Students are expected to work proactively and closely with their teammates to benefit most from this real-world experience.

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International Expansion Project

A real-world project linking theory to practice.

  • Phase I - Crowdsourcing the global database: students join forces to develop a deeper understanding about countries in different regions around the globe, by (a) information collection and filling the shared database file and (b) facilitating class discussion about different regions.

  • Phase II - Developing an internationalization plan: students develop a 5-year international expansion proposal for the client organization (preferably a local business). 

International Business Challenges: X-culture

Working in an international team and helping world-class MNEs solve problems.

  • By 2018, 5000+ students from 150+ universities across 37 countries have enrolled in this international project "X-culture challenge."

  • Research has shown that this international project improves cultural intelligence, international and virtual collaboration competencies, problem solving skills, and interest in cross-cultural interactions (https://x-culture.org/)


In-class Debate Competition

Reflections and new phenomenon of internationalization

  • Students are required to submit a hard copy of individual report stating their grounds on the given topic and discussing the reasons for their standpoints to the lecturer on the day of the debate competition. 

  • On the day of the debate competition, students are further divided into 2 sub-groups, to either pro- or against- the given debate topic. 

Business Management Forum

How do smart technologies affect business management processes?

  • On the day of the forum, all teams offer oral presentations via posters and answer questions from others, and hand in hard-copy presentation outlines to the lecturer.       

  • During the forum, students are required to listen to the other teams’ presentations, ask good questions and elect the best team performance except their own.

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Business Practice Project

How to maximize your profits by the limited resources?

  • Students (mainly first-year undergraduates) can freely select their teammates and all teams are required to utilize the limited resource (TWD50/person) and to make the most profit out of it within 1 month. 

  • The main objective of this project is not concerned with successful management of a business but rather with the realization of business management challenges in the real-world context.